Hypertension Advice & Facts

High blood pressure, or hypertension is an incredibly common, yet often hidden chronic disease that can have severe consequences if left untreated.

More than 1 in 4 adults in the UK have hypertension, though many won’t realize it. Persistently high blood pressure puts extra strain on your blood vessels, heart and other organs, such as the brain, kidneys and eyes, and increases risk of heart attacks and stroke. It’s not clear exactly what causes high blood pressure, but certain factors heighten the risk.

There is a higher risk if you are over the age of 65, are overweight, or have a diet high in salt and without enough fresh fruit and vegetables. Additionally, drinking excessive alcohol or caffeine, and not getting enough exercise or sleep increases the risk of hypertension. Thankfully, there are ways to treat hypertension, and a healthy lifestyle can have a preventative effect. The best way to catch high blood pressure is by having regular check-ups with your doctor.

This infographic, created by MyTherapy available free on GooglePlay and the AppStore with Blood Pressure UK brings together the key statistics and information about hypertension, and will hopefully raise awareness of the serious consequences of untreated high blood pressure.