Privacy Policy

The Health News Privacy Policy has been created to protect all of our readers and subscribers.

What we do with your data?

We do not share your email address or contact details with any third party agency.

What website tracking do we do?

We only use Google Analytics, of which provides us with total number of viewers and other demographic data that Google collect. This data is not shared outside of the Health News team.

What protection do we offer?

We offer complete adherence to the Data Protection Act 1983

When our readers use our website, they can be assured that our Privacy Policy is meant to help protect them in every way possible. We believe that being open, honest and transparent will ensure our customer base will grow and grow.

The whole website has been created to support UK and other Worldwide agencies in the promotion of health care and well being of the human population.

As we only use Google website tracking software, we highly recommend you review the Updates to the Google Policy here for a thorough understanding of Google Analytics.